February 29, 2020
DJ Poe Mack
Poe Mack has had a passion for music for as long as anyone can remember, Being that it is the family business with a Grandfather as a musician and an aunt who is a singer. You can say music is in his blood. Poe Mack is truly the definition of an independent artist. He writes, produces, records, and engineers his own music. Also, He books his own shows and sets up his own tours. In the last four years Poe has put together four sucessful tours that have covered eight states, including the 2011 Middle East Micfest Tour with 9th Wonder and Jamla Records. A native of Roanoke Virginia, Poe has worked with producers and other artists in different countries including Canada, England, and South Africa. Poe Mack has also been in publication features including Respect Magazine, Spin, NewsWeek, the New York Times and many regional blogs and other readings. The non stop effort Poe has put into his craft has led to opportunities to be on shows with some of hip hop's elite. With over two hundred shows to his credit he has honed his skill as a seasoned performer on stage. Poe Mack also gives back to the community by doing benefits for Ovarian Cancer, Hurricane Katrina, The Virginia Tech Massacre Victims, and the Character Rocks Program. He is also an instructor of his "Hip Hoponomics" youth program, covering indie hip hop studies with youth between the ages of 12 – 18 years. The non stop work ethic and drive of Poe Mack is making him an artist/producer to watch. World take notice.


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When the business plan was hatched, the Pyatts bought the assets of a defunct brewery in CO, flew out there, rented a U-haul and brought it home to NC. Of course, it stayed in a garage for three years while we searched for an appropriate building. We finally found a spot in Glen Alpine, NC. While it didn’t have any glass in the windows and ivy was growing inside, the price was right at $200 per month. There weren’t many turn key breweries back then so the pieces and parts were cobbled together from dairy equipment or hand made; but we made beer and sold our first kegs to Barley’s, Mellow Mushroom and The Bier Garden in Asheville. That produced enough money to buy some ingredients, make another batch….rinse and repeat. Fast forward to today. Seventeen years later, we’ve grown organically into a 30 barrel Sprinkman brewhouse that is shinier than we ever imagined during those humble beginnings.