Why We Can - Catawba Brewing Co.

Why We Can

t1200-billy-canning-system-3-16We are often asked why we chose to can our beer instead of bottling it.

There are a few natural enemies of fresh beer.  The first of those is light.  Most beers contain some amount of hops, and the chemical compounds in hops that are responsible for aroma and bitterness are called alpha acids.  When light hits beer, it drives a reaction between these alpha acids and the beer to form MBT (3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol).  MBT is a sulfur compound that closely resembles skunk odor.   Unlike bottles, cans are 100% light proof and provide the ultimate protection to prevent the skunking of beer.

The second enemy is air. Over time, most bottle caps will leak slightly and allow air in; and when a beer is oxidized a stale beer flavor occurs.  The most unpalatable of these flavors tastes like wet cardboard. We swear no one has ever asked us for a cardboard flavored beer; so with a double-crimped seal, cans are better than bottles at preventing air from getting in.  In essence, your can is a mini-keg, delivering draft quality fresh beer to your glass.

Canning also has other advantages over bottling.  An empty can weighs less than 3oz.  Therefore, canned beer weighs less and is easily stackable making a pallet of beer much more compact than a pallet of bottles. Less weight and packaging means you can move up to 40% more product with the same amount of resources, reducing the carbon footprint between brewer and consumer.  Also, the cans are made of 70% recycled aluminum and are the most recycled beverage container, becoming a new can in an average of 60 days.

The folks at Catawba Brewing Co. love to engage in all of the great outdoor activities available in our beautiful region. We are hikers, paddlers, cyclists, runners, disc golfers, and climbers. For us and our friends, canned beer just makes sense. Cans are portable and chill quickly, making them perfect for any outdoor activity or inactivity for that matter!
Grab a canned Catawba brew for your next adventure or hammock swinging and we’ll see you out there!