Drum Circle Haze


It’s been called Asheville’s favorite tradition. The weekend arrives with the harmonious beat of the city thundering across downtown. Hundreds gather beneath Pritchard Park’s painted skies to partake in the spectacle that is the Drum Circle. This New England-style Double India Pale Ale is a tribute to the players, the dancers, the hula-hoopers, the spectators, who collectively summon a hazy state of rhythmic transcendence.

Tasting Notes

Soft, well-rounded mouthfeel. Intensely hopped, hugely flavorful, and less bitter than traditional West Coast IPAs. Bursting with juicy tropical fruits and exotic fresh hop character – candied peach, orange zest, honeydew, and resin.

  • Hops

    Amarillo / Centennial / Citra / El Dorado / Falconer's Flight / Huell Melon
  • Malts

    Pale / Crystal / Chit Malt / Naked Oats / Flaked Wheat
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  • IBU

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