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Billy Pyatt - Co-owner -  A product of North Carolina’s public schools from K-12, Engineering School at NC State, and Business School at UNC-CH, Billy is a true, authentic Carolinian.  That independent, can-do spirit forged in Western NC helped him succeed through 30 years of worldwide travel holding sales, marketing, strategy, and executive leadership positions at Corning, Inc.  Billy’s mid-1990s obsession with home brewing formed the basis for Catawba Brewing, yet he continually blames and credits his wife.   Since retiring from Corning in 2012, Billy has led Catawba’s substantial growth efforts while (hopefully) steering clear of the corporate world’s drudgery.  His beloved NCSU Wolfpack often lets him down on the courts and fields, but he knows they will rise again – and he will be there.  Of course, his favorite quote is “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day.  That’s a heckuva day.”  - Jim Valvano (former NCSU Head Basketball Coach and 1983 National Champion)

Jetta Pyatt - Co-owner, Jetta bought the homebrew kit for her husband that started this journey in 1994. After graduating from The University of the South (YSR!) and Duke’s business school, she spent 31 years at Corning, Inc. where most of her tenure was in operations and marketing before retiring in March 2016. She now spends her time at Catawba Brewing doing all the jobs that neither Billy nor Scott want to do.

Scott Pyatt - Co-Owner - Scott graduated from Appalachian State and moved to Steamboat Springs Colorado to ski the powder and work in the seasonal industry.  At the end of each winter, he would move back to his NC mountains; and in the summer of 1995, he started helping Billy, his brother, home brew.  No one remembers how without the web, but he found the assets of a defunct CO brewery. He and Billy flew out to his beloved CO, rented a U-haul and drove it back to NC where it sat for two years in Billy's garage. In 1997, Scott started the up fit of the Old Mill Building in Glen Alpine and they brewed the first beer to sell in 1999.  The last 17 years have been spent in the brewing industry and helping raise his two daughters with his wife, Tracy.  He still hits the slopes on occasion, it's like riding a bike.

Mary Mayo - Creative Director, grew up in the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. A twenty-five-year career designing home decor products and commercial spaces lead her to do the interior design of Catawba Brewing’s second brewery and retail tasting room in Asheville, NC. Her background in merchandising and managing showrooms for international furniture markets made her the choice for Catawba’s Creative Director. She affectionately describes her job title for Catawba Brewing as “art and parties.”

Jared Turbyfill - Manager, Banks Avenue Retail Operations – Jared began home brewing at UNC-CH before graduating with a degree in microbiology. His lab time was spent daydreaming about joining the craft brewing community. When he moved to Asheville, he enrolled in AB-Tech’s first two-year program for brewing in the US. He did his internship at Catawba in the Morganton brewery, and received his A.A.S degree in 2014, graduating as the valedictorian. His interest in the business side of brewing made him a natural fit to run the retail operations at our Asheville location, where he teaches our continuing education program for the staff.

Ivy Johnson - Manager, Morganton Retail Operations – Ivy began working at Catawba in 2010 and we’ve seen her get married, go to school full time and have two beautiful babies – all while running our tasting room operations in Morganton and growing it every year. She has created one of the best live music venues in WNC. To say the woman can multi-task is an understatement!

Josh Daves - Brewer - Josh is a Morganton native and started working for Catawba Brewing Co tending bar and filling growlers.  He has a background in the construction industry which certainly helps in brewing since there is always something to fix!  He's now a brewer and lives for live music. He's an avid Widespread Panic fan.  "Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride"

Brian Ivey - Marketing Director – Brian’s education is in architecture and screenwriting. He’s worked professionally in video production and marketing/communications. “What’s the common thread?” you ask? In a word, “Beer.” Like the Dude’s rug, craft beer has tied the whole thing together. From a “residency” at the Irish pub during an exchange semester in Krakow to pilgrimages to Rochefort and Orval during business travels in Europe, craft beer embodies the passion, creativity, and collaborative communal spirit that represent all the best parts of Brian's previous careers. Brian wears a few hats at Catawba by running our Biltmore Village operations and being our marketing communications specialist.

Ashley Stevens - Market Sales Manager SC - Ashley was born and raised on the coast of South Carolina and fell into the craft beer scene by accident.  While attending Coastal Carolina University, she landed a college student's dream internship; planning a beer festival. From there, her love for craft beer blossomed and she has worked in a variety of jobs within the industry, including bartending for a major craft beer bar, working as a brewery representative, as well as a beer wholesaler.  As the South Carolina Market Manager, Ashley is excited to share her passion for craft beer throughout her home state. Although living in Columbia, Ashley still considers herself a beach bum and will take any opportunity to get back to the coast for some sand and sun.

John Beaty - Market Sales Manager TN and AL - While attending UT Knoxville, John was one of few that was always drinking a good craft beer and even began to home brew. After college, he moved back to his hometown of Nashville to worked for a beer distributor. When Catawba entered the Nashville market,  John realized he had a new calling and his journey with Catawba Brewing Company began. If John is not working or home brewing, you can find him at a Nashville Predators game or on the ice rink himself.

Zac Cafarella - Assistant Manager, Charlotte Taproom -  A transplant from the Chicago land area, Zac has worked in hospitality and restaurants / bars since he was of legal age to work in the industry. Always having been a fan of a well-crafted beer, and looking for an out from his former career in the golf club business, Zac landed in the bar industry, where his passion and love for craft beer led him to bartending and managing a major craft beer bar. Zac is excited to help grow our new Catawba Charlotte location and create a great environment for the locals to enjoy a delicious pint!

Jameson France - Manager, Charlotte Taproom – After graduating from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2009 Jameson decided to make a move across the country to Denver, Colorado. This is where his passion for craft beer began. If he wasn’t in the mountains hiking or snowboarding, you could find him at one of the many breweries throughout the city.  Jameson was born in Asheville, North Carolina so when the opportunity to be with a company that not only was North Carolina based, but also with one of his passions, he jumped right on it.  Coming from nearly 12 years of country clubs experience,  Jameson is excited to begin his journey in the craft beer industry.